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Bugs in Technicolor

Below you will find a list of artists, photographers, and scientists along with short bios, representative images, and website links (click on their names) that participated in our Bugs in Technicolor Symposium at the 2019 Entomological Society of America Conference in St. Louis, Missouri by submitting illustrations and/or photographs.

2. Insecta Deck web.jpeg
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 22.08.14.png
Ecuadorian sharpshooter.jpg

The Taylor Lab’s research focuses on communication, sensory exploitation, and predator psychology of spiders, wasps, and other colorful but understudied arthropod groups. 

They are also interested in the intersections between art and science and are always excited about forming new collaborations with artists, particularly with the goal of using art as a medium to explore the scientific process as well as the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Click here to get a copy of a FREE printable PDF of adorable spider coloring books!

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