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Image Submission Information
Our main focus is on images that are colorful! Those that are pleasing to the eye, relate to research in some way, or are used in outreach activities would fit well with the theme - but we are certainly open to other suggestionsWe will accept electronic images of any medium: photographs, drawings, paintings, graphics, short animation/clip, etc.
Images will be displayed on a large presentation screen along with your name, affiliation (if you have one), image title, taxonomic information, and a short blurb.  Please ensure that you are careful to check your spelling before submitting.  
Blurbs:     The blurb should be shortone or two sentences maximumbut give some information about the image. For example, blurbs can give a short description of how the image was used in your research / outreach, an interesting story that relates to the image (perhaps your experience creating it), the method (medium) used to generate the image, something unique (especially if related to color) about the animal's life history / behavior, or anything else that you think might be relevant. 

Format:      Images should be submitted in JPEG format. Please name your files as: 'Your Last Name_Image Title,' and use the same image title as you enter into the form below. Files should not exceed 2 MB.
Image Size:     Resolution should be high enough for display on a large screen, however the quality of the image will be limited by the maximum resolution attained in Microsoft PowerPoint and through standard projecting equipment.  As we are unsure of the specific projection equipment, we suggest a standard resolution at 1024 x 768 pixels with a maximum resolution of 3000 x 2250 pixels.
Copyright Information:     By submitting images to this exhibition, you are consenting to the inclusion of your image in the exhibition scheduled as part of the Bugs in Technicolor symposium at EntSoc 2019; your images will not be uploaded or displayed in any other location.  Please only submit images that are your own original work.
If you are interested in including an image please fill out the form below and upload your image(s)!
If you do not know the classification you are welcome to include a common name or leave this field blank
Upload file
If you have multiple submissions please contact me to request access to a dropbox folder into which you can upload your images / image information
If you have any issues uploading your images, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your submission!  We look forward to seeing you during the symposium!

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