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Get ready - Brood X is on their way! What is Brood X? Well, it is a group of periodical cicadas that emerges from below ground every 17 years. Cicadas are grouped based on the year they emerge as adults after spending a set number of years developing underground. For folks living in much of the eastern part of the United States this is going to be one noisy spring! Brood X will only emerge in certain locations and you can see where in the map below (courtesy of Newsweek).

Soon, they will begin to emerge and will sing their little hearts out to find love.

I wanted to commemorate the first time I will be seeing periodical cicadas and I decided to do that by creating some cicada artwork. Available in my shop (just click HERE) you can get t-shirts, stickers, masks, and more with my Brood X 2021 logo - I hope you like it and I hope you'll get one!

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